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To create my Sportraits I photograph with a combination of natural or dramatic lighting sometimes coupled with fog or coloured lighting. Quite often I shoot my Sportraits indoors against a grey, white, or green background. This is then replaced in post editing and replaced with a digital background. Sportraits are also prefect for schools, sports clubs, and business to showcase their sports and activities.

Sessions take place indoors at a location provided by the client such as a school, sports club. Any indoor location can be considered, but it needs to be big enough for my backdrop and lighting set up. Once set up this will occupy about 5x5m square, and the ceiling height should be a minimum of 2.4m. You also need to allow room for those queuing for their turn.

The is a minimum number of heads required. This number depends upon the location and client requirements. There is no session charge and photo packages are offered for sale directly to parents. There is a discount for those parents who pre-purchase packages prior to the shoot.

Complementary digital images are provided to the team / school to use for their own marketing. *

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